You do the code, we'll handle the words...


App Store Descriptions

The best first impression

The first chance you have to engage your audience happens before they’ve even decided to download your app. Push them in the right direction with a professionally written, compelling app store description to help maximise downloads and promote the benefits of your app. 


In-App Text & Alerts

Sparkling copy throughout

Pocket Copy provides clear, concise text snippets or longer form editorial for all aspects of your app. Whether it's introductory messages, menus, tips or narrative, we have the words to suit your needs and will tailor the tone and voice to your style. 


Copy Editing & Proofing

 Spring-cleaning for text

If your copy needs trimming, proofing or some added spice, Pocket Copy can provide the professional polish you require at a rate that suits your budget. You give us the existing text and we'll whip it into shape in no time.


Dialogue & Voiceovers

Your story, told your way

Scriptwriting makes and breaks movies and TV shows and the same is true with apps. Whether you need a professional voiceover script or detailed, entertaining dialogue for characters in your app, Pocket Copy can do it all. We can also deliver scripts in a variety of formats to suit your needs. 


Manuals & Help Screens

Crystal clear advice & guides

Whether it’s a help screen, a menu or captions you need written, make them the best they can be. Written in a tone and style specific to your app and delivered to exact word counts, you won't have to waste time fitting your text around your UI.


Press Releases & More

For editorial outside your app

Need text for your app’s website or a web, print or video ad to promote it? Pocket Copy has the answer, with a range of services available from press releases and branding to social media campaigns, advertising copy and newsletters.