Why Pocket Copy?


The mobile market is more crowded than ever and consumers are becoming increasingly picky when it comes to downloading apps. Do you want people to overlook your great software because they spotted a typo or didn’t like or understand its description? Is your in-app dialogue more home-movie than Hollywood? Are people put off by the lack of help pages or unclear explanations? 

Ensuring that your app stands out from the crowd has never been more important than today, which is why we launched Pocket Copy. Pocket Copy offers professional copywriting services to app developers and studios who want the text in their apps to be as high quality as the code that surrounds it. 

With over a decade of experience in technology journalism, scriptwriting and advertising, Pocket Copy provides developers with a wide range of services from app descriptions and editing to in-app text and voiceover scripts. Offering great rates and fast turnarounds, we guarantee to work to your deadlines without blowing your budget.

Our experience 


Pocket Copy was founded by freelance writer Ben Harvell. Former editor of iCreate magazine, advertising copywriter and author of several consumer technology books for John Wiley & Sons, Ben is a mobile technology expert who has worked with some of the world’s biggest software studios as well as the coolest solo developers and was one of the first journalists to witness and write about the iPhone. Writing regularly for major technology publications as well as advising developers and manufacturers in the mobile technology space, Ben launched Pocket Copy after seeing one too many great apps let down by mediocre text and corny dialogue.

Working alongside a team of equally experienced and dedicated individuals who live and breathe mobile tech, Ben sees Pocket Copy as a route to complete app perfection for developers who have not considered commissioning editorial work before or felt that it was too expensive.

Find out more at www.benharvell.com