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Image - Reddit

The Pocket Copy team aren't just obsessed with mobile tech. We're also serious advertising junkies.

We're the guys who watch TV for the commercials. We analyse them, we love them and we hate them. We're weird like that...

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that we're fans of the iPad mini print ads that have begun appearing this week. 

Taking the prime "outside back" advertising position at the rear of The New Yorker and Time, the ads show a scale image of the iPad mini with the cover of the issue the ad is printed on displayed on the iPad's screen. 

So simple, so smart and a win for Apple and the respective publisher. 

By comparison to a simple product shot, the consumer not only sees the sexy little device Apple is promoting, they're also alerted to the fact that the magazine they are reading is available on the iPad. 

While we're sure that print issues of Time and The New Yorker will continue long after many other publications have pulped their physical media offerings, it's great to see creative advertising using the old medium to usher in the new.

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