It's hard not to like the new iPad ads. They're no great departure from previous marketing efforts but, unlike the recent run of iPhone commercials, they offer a simple difference - no voiceover.

With an upbeat backing track and the words loud, deep, alive, wild, bright and together plucked from a stream that looks worryingly like subliminal advertising, a swathe of colourful apps blast by to illustrate different meanings of these chosen adjectives.

All the while, we assume, the developers of the included non-Apple apps rub their hands at the prospect of an uptick in downloads. 

The ad does its simple job simply. Even as iPad owners we were left thinking "I want one of those" and the campaign does well to include the iPad mini alongside its larger counterpart throughout. The ads also tout the many fun and creative uses of the iPad as opposed to simple content consumption, which makes them as applicable to current iPad owners as they are to prospective purchasers. That's a neat trick for any brand. 

Ultimately, the ads feel more iPod than iPad but then perhaps that's the idea. 

Sometimes iPad marketing isn't about telling the suits that they can use it as a business tool or for frightening competitors in the tablet market.

Sometimes the iPad and its ads are just about fun.