The guys over at Tapstream asked if we would provide a guest post for their blog that highlighted the benefit of a proper press release when launching an app. We duly obliged and the result is now live. 

Check out the teaser below and click the link to view the full post. Thanks to Robin and team for the opportunity. 

The Power Of The Press Release: 10 Steps To Launch Success
In my previous life as a editor of iCreate Magazine, I used to pass as many press releases as I could to my team. Why? Because the majority of them were so mind-numbingly dull - about as engaging as a seminar on paint drying.
Some of them shared news of incredible new inventions, software and ground-breaking technologies, but they came in the same tan corduroy outfit as all the others. I’d rather have someone else sift through the mud to find the gold.
Every now and then, a press release arrived in the mail. We laughed at the old fashioned delivery but, ultimately, we probably paid more attention to them because they, perhaps unwittingly, did the job they needed to do - be different.
You’re probably thinking “Tell me something I don’t know. My press release needs to stand out, I get it!”, but that’s not the whole story. There’s more than one way to craft a unique release and, in most cases, glitter isn’t the answer...

Read the full post on Tapstream here

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