The guys over at Tapstream asked if we would provide a guest post for their blog that highlighted the benefit of a proper press release when launching an app. We duly obliged and the result is now live. 

Check out the teaser below and click the link to view the full post. Thanks to Robin and team for the opportunity. 

The Power Of The Press Release: 10 Steps To Launch Success
In my previous life as a editor of iCreate Magazine, I used to pass as many press releases as I could to my team. Why? Because the majority of them were so mind-numbingly dull - about as engaging as a seminar on paint drying.
Some of them shared news of incredible new inventions, software and ground-breaking technologies, but they came in the same tan corduroy outfit as all the others. I’d rather have someone else sift through the mud to find the gold.
Every now and then, a press release arrived in the mail. We laughed at the old fashioned delivery but, ultimately, we probably paid more attention to them because they, perhaps unwittingly, did the job they needed to do - be different.
You’re probably thinking “Tell me something I don’t know. My press release needs to stand out, I get it!”, but that’s not the whole story. There’s more than one way to craft a unique release and, in most cases, glitter isn’t the answer...

Read the full post on Tapstream here

If you want help with a press release or other copy for your new app, get in touch with Pocket Copy today, we'd be glad to help you out. 


At Pocket Copy, we're as excited as anyone when one of our clients’ apps appears on the App Store. Today is one of those days.

The brilliant team at HolosOne enlisted our services during production of their incredible new utility app, Vintage Gadget, which went live on the App Store this morning. 

With eight tools in one app, including a protractor, level, stopwatch and ruler, Vintage Gadget is an affordable and convenient utility, but that’s not all... it’s also drop-dead gorgeous!

During our time working with HolosOne we had the chance to play with what has been coined as “The Swiss Army Knife of Utility Apps” and, let us tell you, it’s a real work of art.

If you’re a fan of classic, mechanical, steampunk-inspired design, you should buy this app. If you would like to have all the iPhone utilities you use regularly housed within one slick interface, you should buy this app. Even if you’re down to the last couple of bucks knocking around in your iTunes account, you should buy this app!

Congratulations to Josip and team on a brilliant release. 


Last week, Pocket Copy officially opened its virtual doors to developers of iOS, Android and Windows Mobile apps as well as companies in the mobile market looking for professional copywriting services for their products.

This week, we’re completing our first commissions and engaging in exciting discussions with prospective clients. Not a bad start!

We have noticed, however, that those we’ve spoken to expect our service to cost the earth.

Let us tell you now - it really doesn’t.

We’ve discussed publishing a basic rate card on the site but, due to the nature of this type of copywriting, it’s hard to nail down an all-encompassing solution. A per-word rate may work out brilliantly for one client but produce a terrifying fee for another, for example.

That’s why we work on a per-project basis and build a rate specific to the work performed. Clients do, of course, receive a free quote before any work is started, so there won’t be any nasty surprises when our invoice arrives.

As a rule we approach commissions by working out the time we believe it will take us to complete a project and produce a fee based on our set hourly rate. We keep the client involved in this process too and only lock in the fee when both parties agree on the price.

Once the work is completed, the client has the option to request rewrites until they, not us, are happy with the content delivered. Rewrites are completely free and we’ll keep on writing them until the client is 100% content.

So that’s:

- A free quote

- Flexible rates for each project

- Unlimited rewrites

We don’t think we could offer a much fairer deal but, if you think there’s something we could change, by all means get in touch and let us know.

We look forward to working with you.

Best wishes,

The Pocket Copy Team

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